ATEA BootCamp – Idea to MVP

On Friday, Dec. 15th, ATEA conducted a Startup BootCamp with a theme of “Idea to MVP”. The event was held in the Google Developers Launchpad space in San Francisco.

Often times, entrepreneurs have difficulty in reaching the MVP stage for several reasons:

  • They think that the finished product is not “good enough” from an engineering POV
  • They did not get sufficient input / feedback from their target market to know that their product is fulfilling a pain point
  • They do not know how to “get the word out” about their product
  • They do not have have the appropriate “channels” for their product

The good news is that the ATEA ecosystem (with its Charter Members and influencers) has the people who have “been there and done that” for each of the scenarios outlined above. The BootCamp provided an opportunity to tap into these resources and lead discussions with the entrepreneurs – to allow them to reach the MVP stage in their journey.

The BootCamp was facilitated by TechStars – which has helped entrepreneurs succeed all over the world. The facilitator, Dani Arnaout, is a successful entrepreneur and was recently listed in Forbes 30 under 30 for Enterprise Technology.

The event began with the members of the audience introducing themselves and providing ideas that they have been germinating on. There was a wide range of interests – from consumer to B2B covering a broad spectrum – from BlockChain to Machine Learning / AI. Following the introduction, the members of the audience formed five teams.

Lena Kannappan giving an “Entrepreneur 101” talk – that walked the audience through the startup lifecycle. This was followed by a “Problem, Solution, Product Engineering” talk by Prakash Narayan. Here the speaker helped the audience understand how to define an MVP and the phases of development to reach that stage.

After lunch, Nat Nataraj and Ramesh Krishnan gave a talk on “Customer validation, Product Management and Market Research”. This provided some key insights on TAM / SAM and Go To Market strategies.

After a hands on session on “How to Pitch”, the teams (that were formed earlier) came up to pitch their ideas. There was a distinguished panel of Mentors who listened to the pitches, asked questions and provided feedback. The panel included, Vasanth Ganesan, Global Practice Manager, Internet of Things at McKinsey; SV Krishnamurthy, Advisor at Keiretsu Forum, Chennai & Singapore; Madhu Iyer, Chief Data Officer at Ethoslending; Kevin Walter, Director of Product Management at Microfocus and Lena Kannappan, COO of 8kMiles.

At the end of the day, the audience members were given a “crash course” on the startup ecosystem from product engineering to product marketing. A typical TechStars BootCamp goes for 2.5 days and includes further development of the ideas. ATEA intends to conduct such a BootCamp in the future. The event on Dec. 15th is an initial step. You can watch or follow us on Twitter @ateasv to get more information.


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