ATEA is excited to invite you to participate in a Startup Workshop on December 15th at the Google Launchpad office on 301 Howard Street, San Francisco. The theme of the workshop is “Idea to MVP”.

Often times, entrepreneurs have difficulty in reaching the MVP stage for several reasons:

They think that the finished product is not “good enough” from an engineering POV
They did not get sufficient input / feedback from their target market to know that their product is fulfilling a pain point
They do not know how to “get the word out” about their product
They do not have have the appropriate “channels” for their product
The good news is that the ATEA ecosystem (with its Charter Members and influencers) has the people who have “been there and done that” for each of the scenarios outlined above. This provides an opportunity to tap into these resources to lead discussions with the entrepreneurs – to allow them to reach the MVP stage in their journey.

The workshop is facilitated by TechStars – which has helped entrepreneurs succeed all over the world. There will be Subject Matter Experts on hand who will instruct / mentor each section of the Workshop.