American Tamil Entrepreneurs Association (ATEA) has three chapters based in the US West coast (Silicon Valley), East Coast (North East), and Chicago (Midwest).

Silicon Valley Chapter

ATEA Silicon ValleySilicon Valley is home to many successful startups and innovative technology companies such as Apple, Adobe, Cisco, Ebay, Facebook, Google, Paypal and Tesla. Silicon valley is considered a prime center of innovation by the entire world. Our community members play a key role in many of these organizations as key executives and technology experts.

ATEA Silicon Valley chapter aims to leverage the proximity and access to the technology, startup and venture capital firms to educate, motivate and empower the community members to become entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit ATEA SV website.

Key team members of ATEA SV chapter are:

North East Chapter

ATEA New JerseyThe east coast, being the nerve center of finance and advertising (New York / New Jersey), key base for pharmaceuticals (New Jersey – Philadelphia corridor), and insurance, biotech and technology cluster (Boston / Connecticut), will play a key role in ATEA’s mission of fostering entrepreneurship among the community members. For more information, please visit ATEA NE website.

Key team members of ATEA NE chapter are:

Midwest Chapter

ATEA Midwest ChapterMidwest Chapter of ATEA serves the Chicago region of USA. This will cover Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, etc.

Please standby for specific information on team leaders, website, and chapter activities.

Kindly reach out to Siva Moopanar @ Edify Technologies in Chicago, if you are interested in becoming a member or volunteering to the chapter.