Using our business directory listings will help present your business to our members. We decided to create this after we got a lot of inquiries to refer someone in the regions for a particular service. 

There’s a wealth of free business directory lists out there but we’re confident that this list of select business services will help us find a trusted source.

How do I get my business listed?

You can submit the request via email to [email protected] and someone will curate and help set it up. There is a small annual fee for the service.

ICICI Bank is one the official banking partner of ATEA. They have representatives to help in USA and in India for all your business and personal banking needs. 

Banking, Private Bank, Credit Line, Loans, Personal, NRI

Global 1 Company Inc is an adviser of Mergers & Acquisitions to the IT Services Companies and Practicing Physicians. We provide valuation services, finance services and help in buying and selling with value addition. 
Mergers & Acquisitions, M&A, Valuation, Financing, Working Capital, Adviser, Physician Practice, IT Services.